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Ignacio Ribas Taléns

Ignacio Ribas Taléns

Ignacio Ribas Taléns
(baroque organ of de San Nicolás de Pamplona)

Born 1963 in Valencia he starts his piano, cembalo and organ studies at the conservatoire of his native city, completing his master's degree at the municipal conservatoire of Barcelona.

Under the direction of Montserrat Torrent he deepens his organ technique realizing his postgraduate studies at the department of musicology of the C.S.I.C. of Barcelona. In 1988 he is distinguished at the national competition of musical youth in Gerona, obtaining also in 1990 the Andrés Segovia Award of Spanish music interpretation in Santiago de Compostela.

From 1990 to 1998 he attends different specialized courses with the professors M. Guyard and Jean Boyer (French music), H. Meister and Michael Radulescu (J.S. Bach in extenso), Guy Bovert and Montserrat Torrent (Iberian music) and Zsigmond Szatmáry (contemporary music). He participated in numerous international cycles and festivals in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Canada and the USA as soloist or accompanist of various vocal or instrumental groups (Cor Nacional de Petits Cantors d'Andorra, Spanish Brass Luur Metalls, Quinteto Mediterráneo, Trío Xácara, O.M. de Valencia, Orquesta nacional de Cámara de Andorra, Concert de les Arts, ...).

Recently he recorded his sixth CD dedicated to the Hispanic music from the 16th to the 20th century.

At present he is titular organist of the Sant Esteve de Andorra La Vella church and from 1993 - 2007 he was organist and pianist of the Cor Nacional de Petits Cantors de Andorra, country where he resides and practices his educational activities since 1993. He is also artistic director of the musical activities of the Fundació Amics dels Orgues de les Valls d'Andorra since its establishment in 1999.

In 2002 he founded the Academia de Órgano Contemporáneo, which is celebrated annually by various well known organists.

As a composer he dedicated a series of organ works as soloistic instrument or integrated in diverse chamber groups.


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